Are Oldhamers getting enough sleep?


Is Oldham getting enough zzz's? Apparently not. OL2 postcode is dubbed one of the most sleep deprived areas in the UK and second place in Greater Manchester, in a recent study. A poll was carried out on Brits living in the towns where sleep is lacking. Leeds came top and Withington in Greater Manchester was ranked third.

Studies on Google searches such as "why can't I sleep?" were extracted from areas within the UK. The office for National Statistics data was used to find population numbers for each place. Insomnia seems to be a big problem in the UK. 36% of UK adults find it hard to sleep, on a weekly basis. 

Some of the reasons behind this may be down to our addiction to screens, she says as she writes this at 00.12am, whilst staring at a laptop. The numbers of restless adults soared over the Christmas period and it is said that stress adds to the problem, causing a sleepless night. 

Sleep experts suggest less phone time before bed, which may help with drifting off. Screens have a large impact on our wellbeing without us realising. With smartphones glued to our hands, laptops and televisions, it's hardly surprising that as a nation we are not getting as much of the important shut eye as we should be.