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For every commercial business that is bought or sold within the OL postcode the Pearson commercial conveyancing team are donating £5 to help Oldham Mayor Cllr Javid Iqbal realise his charity target.

Rory Bremner will host this years Oldham Business Awards.


Under UK law, it is compulsory for all vehicles that are used on public roads to be insured, and third-party liability insurance, which covers accidental injury to others, is the legal minimum. There is even a compensation scheme, funded by UK insurance companies, for when the person who caused the accident was driving without valid insurance.


A great many companies depend on patents for their profitability, and doubts over ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights can put their very survival in jeopardy. This point was illustrated in a case that concerned a number of patents in respect of roofing products, title to which was claimed both by a company and one of its founding directors

The annual Oldham Town Centre Business Awards organised by Oldham Council and the Town Centre Business Partnership saw 22 businesses score 90% or more with 6 businesses hitting the 100% mark.


The Supreme Court has handed down a ruling which means that all married gay couples and civil partners should receive equal pension rights.


The Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel are running a week-long social media mental health awareness campaign aimed at employers from
17th July to 21st July 2017.


The importance of having an effective data protection regime in operation in your business came into sharp focus with the recent fine levied on Talk Talk by the Informatrion Commissioner.

BNI Renaissance is your local number 1 networking group based in Oldham and we can help you develop your business by quality referral and your own committed marketing team.

UKFast the award winning Manchester based managed hosting and colocation services company has praised the quality of Oldham College students and the way the college is committed to working with business.

Apprentice finalist Vana Koutsomitis was at Oldham College recently where she spoke about Wayra, a London tech start-up accelerator, which is due to launch in Oldham.