Knowledge, Empathy & Collaboration Underpin Our Claims Department

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It’s difficult to imagine, but not everyone gets as excited about insurance as we do. It’s understandable - with some cover being compulsory and some very highly advised, it can sometimes feel like a grudge purchase.

That is, until they need to make a claim. At which point, having the appropriate cover can feel like having three parachutes, whilst still landing on a safety net! That said, whilst having cover can bring comfort, managing a claim scenario can be confusing and emotionally consuming for someone unversed in what can seem like the dark arts of insurer processes, loss adjusters and even legal proceedings. That’s where M & C Risk Solutions come in. We have the advantage of an in-house Claims Department and repeatedly hear from clients just how much they value our support in this area.

We recently caught up with our Head of Claims, Wang Sin-Pocock to find out just why clients value us so much, when it comes to all things claims related. And if anyone understands this aspect of insurance, it’s Wang. It helps that Wang has worked on both sides of the fence with almost 11 years in insurer claims and almost 5 managing claims on the broker side. Commercial property, Business Interruption, Marine, Casualty and Construction just some of her areas of speciality. But similar principles apply, regardless of the sector and she sets a high bar for client outcome and experience. Understanding the goals, expectations and drivers for both sides of the insurance equation means Wang always advocates a collaborative approach to a claim scenario. Couple this with her technical knowledge and legal insights, and she’s in a strong position to negotiate with loss adjusters, insurers, surveyors and solicitors. When necessary, Wang even has the acumen to analyse and negotiate with Insurers on the grey, subjective matter of a loss of earnings claim. But crucially, Wang leads from the front with her policy of appreciating that a client can easily and quickly begin to feel battered by the process, when exposed to a claim, regardless of whether claiming, or being claimed against.

M & C Risk Solutions always strives to take as much of the headwind as possible, on behalf of our clients. Wang says: “You’ve got to remember, any claim is bound to have a physical, emotional and often financial effect on a client. They’re being asked to engage with a world they know little about and which uses a language they can barely understand. Our role is one that requires us to wear many hats: interpreter; educator; advisor; negotiator; facilitator and often, just to lend an ear to help manage the overwhelm when things feel at their most confusing, and sometimes distressing for a client. We’re all human and empathy goes a long way in helping to support our clients.”

This empathy and knowledge of insurance and related industries, serves our clients well, but Wang has another string to her bow; she has a degree in computing which is massively advantageous given the current and recent influx in cyber claims and losses. Wang therefore continues to use that analytical problem-solving approach, it’s about thinking outside of the box – or more likely, adapting the box to accommodate multiple positions and favourable outcomes! It’s rare to find someone with a blend of appreciating detail, skills in technical aspects of insurance, yet has the creativity to approach a challenge in such bespoke ways. And being able to work this way, is one of the reasons why Wang was attracted to M & C Risk Solutions.

Wang says: “Tony and Sarah’s passion for the business and focus on client experience shone through from our very first conversation. That was something which was important to me when considering my next move. I was looking for strong, people-focused leadership, from owners who believed in empowerment and who would encourage me to build and run a department in a way that was authentic to me. Our values aligned and I just knew this was the place for me.” With Wang at the helm of our Claims Department, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that we’re there for them to help manage their landing, should that grudge purchase ever transform into parachutes and safety nets!