Former TJ Hughes store to be demolished in market revamp


Plans are in place to make way for Oldham's new market and the former TJ Hughes store will be demolished. 

Approval has been applied for and the vacant store will be knocked down ahead of full plans for the Tommyfield Market being submitted. 

The council bought the Spindles Town Square shopping centre during 2020 for just over £9 million and then the least of the Topshop unit was later purchased for a further £300k. 

July 2021 saw the outline business case plans outline and it was agreed by cabinet that the Tommyfield Market will move from its current site on Henshaw Street and relocate to the space in Spindles. 

The new market will stretch from Town Square to Parliament Square. The new 'purpose built' market will be completely redeveloped. 

Including a retail market which shoppers will get to from the inside, at mall level and food hall will be created in newness also. 

This much larger, split level venue will also be used for public and private functions. 

Changes to the way people shop have stimulated the development, adhering to the requirements of the consumer. Utilising the space in the best way possible the council offices will move also. 

Now that prior approval for the demolition application is going through it will mean that construction can commence in the early part of this year. Watch this space..