M & C Risk Solutions supporting local communities


Even in Oldham and Tameside, where tight-knit communities thrive and individuals look out for one another, M & C Risk Solutions stands out as a beacon of support and belief in the power of community.

We are an insurance broker with a heart! The media sometimes like to portray the insurance industry as a distant and transactional entity, but our story tells a different tale. It's a tale of community, compassion, and commitment, as M & C has long prioritised supporting local community clubs and causes.

M & C Risk Solutions has, for many years, been known for its dedication to providing businesses with tailormade insurance protection and risk management. But what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the community in which we are based.

Supporting Local (And National!) Charities

We pride ourselves on our active involvement with a diverse range of charities. Charities such as those working to alleviate the impact of poverty, (Oldham School Gift Appeal/Our Community Wardrobe); supporting people suffering with physical or neurological injury, (The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation/BASIC -the Brain And Spinal Injury Charity); and empowering children and teenagers, (Saddleworth Olympics/MAHDLO).   M & C is also a patron of MAHDLO, the Oldham charity providing opportunities for young people.

In addition to these specific charities, Wellifest and The Saddleworth Show which raise funds for a whole host of local causes, have also benefited significantly via our ongoing sponsorship.

Supporting Grassroots Sport

Sport is a great community unifier and a sports team doesn’t just hold massive well-being benefits for the participants. It can be a be a focal point for a community too. 

M & C Risk Solutions support a whole range of local grassroots clubs and sports, across a variety of age groups from football, (Mossley AFC, Saddleworth 3D's AFC – they sponsor the 1st team as well as the juniors, and Avro FC); to cricket, (Delph & Dobcross CC); and rugby league, (Oldham St Anne's RLFC).  Tony Morris MD of M & C Risk Solutions also volunteers as a coach at Saddleworth 3D’s.

This means that no matter which month you’re in, there is always a local team benefiting from our support, somewhere in the community, all year round! 

Whilst the M & C name does gain some exposure from these partnerships, the main driver is the desire to contribute to, and support the local community. These clubs can have a lasting impact on participants, supporters and their wider communities, creating an improved sense of togetherness and inspiring others to join the cause.

Tony Morris says: “It’s not even a case of ‘wanting to give back’, which can sound a little clinical or transactional. We genuinely want to make a difference and benefit our local communities – to  protect and nurture those communities. So as long as we’re fortunate enough to be able to support others, we will. If you want to make something even just a little bit better for others, you need to take action - something we remain committed to.”

Some companies may have a CSR policy or list their values on the reception wall. There’s no such formality at M & C Risk Solutions. It just is. It’s in our DNA to want to help others, which when you think about it, is an uncanny reflection of the wider insurance industry. Seeking and providing the appropriate level of cover and protection for clients, allows those businesses to flourish, diversify and grow, making them even more resilient and able to offer greater opportunities and quality of life for their employees.   

In Oldham and Tameside, where community spirit runs deep, M & C Risk Solutions stand out as a shining example of a business with a conscience. Our unwavering support for local community clubs and causes not only makes Oldham and Tameside a better place to live but also reaffirms our values of compassion, commitment, and community. In a world where profit margins can often overshadow humanity, we are hoping to prove that, with the right intentions, businesses can become a powerful force for positive change.


Photo by kind permission of Gill Brett Photography