Oldham Council introduce three weekly black bin collections

Oldham council have become the latest Council in Greater Manchester to introduce three-weekly black bin collections, the Council hope to save £1.5m a year.
Town hall bosses have approved plans to move away from fortnightly collections for general waste in an effort to save cash and boost recycling rates.
Every council in Greater manchester aprt from Wigan has introduced three-weekly collections  to save on landfill costs.
Bury became the first council in the country to reduce black bin collections to once every three weeks in 2014.
Rochdale followed suit, with Salford currently running a pilot scheme across half of the city.
Other councils, including Manchester, Stockport, Trafford and Bolton, have opted for smaller, 140 litre bins - 40 per cent smaller than the standard 240 litre containers.
Changing to three-weekly collections gives households 80 litres of capacity for non-recyclable waste a week, down from 120 litres.
The smaller 140 litre bins give residents 70 litres of space a week.