Community based Therapy Service helps Cancer patient

An Oldham Cancer patient has avoided  stays in hospital thanks to a thanks to Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s IV Therapy Service community-based service. 


Peter English, 70, from Failsworth has cancer of the bile duct, which means he frequently develops sepsis. Sepsis can be a life-threatening condition that happens when the body's response to infection causes injury to tissues and organs.
To treat the sepsis, Peter must have a several day course of intravenous (IV) antibiotics; previously this would have required a stay in hospital for up to a week.
Peter can now receive his antibiotics in the community, thanks to Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s IV Therapy Service.This is prrovided at Butler Green Intermediate Care Centre, in Chadderton, or in people’s own home.
Over a six day period, Peter simply drops into Butler Green, at a time to suit him. It takes around 15 minutes to give Peter the antibiotics, via a cannula in his arm, and he can then continue with his day.
The flexibility and convenience of this service means that Peter can stay at home with his wife and fit treatment around his life and family.
Peter said: “The IV Therapy Service is just marvellous and it makes a big difference to my life. I don’t need to be in hospital to receive the antibiotics; all I’m doing is taking up a bed, which someone else could benefit from.
“Thanks to this flexible service, I can just jump in the car, pop in to Butler Green for a few minutes and then get on with my day. This has been really beneficial recently, as my wife and I have been rushing around preparing for Christmas with our grandchildren. It’s just fantastic being able to fit this treatment around my life.
“I also feel I recover more quickly being at home as being in hospital can be quite stressful. I also feel more independent being at home, which is really important to me.”
IV therapy is just one of the services available at Butler Green, which aims to keep people out of hospital or allow them to be safely discharged more quickly.