Huddersfield Canal voted in by the Canal & River Trust


Canal & River Trust voted The Huddersfield Narrow Canal in the top 10. 

Stunning views and the idyllic scenery is what warrants the position of the beautiful waterway in Uppermill. 

750,000 plus votes were cast in this Scene Research Project. 

The University of Warwick, Data Science Lab team will be analysing the data to see just why it rated so highly and what it is about this Canal that makes it one of the prettiest in the country. Just 20 miles long connecting Huddersfield to Ashton. Home to the deepest and highest canal tunnel at Diggle, which celebrates its birthday in April, making it 211 years old. 

It's easy to see why the Huddersfield Narrow Canal was voted in by the Canal & River Trust, with its impressive charm and beauty. Locals agree and say that it is a "great canal for walks and riding your bike, a nice place to chill out." Another local said "I went to the old steel viaduct and found an old piece of coal, from a steam train that would've passed on the line." 

An absolute winner : )