Oldham Markets Christmas closing and opening dates and times


Sunday 18 December 

  • Tommyfield Indoor Market open, 10am–4pm
  • Car boot open, 6am–12noon

Saturday 24 December (Christmas Eve)

  • Tommyfield Indoor Market, open as normal and close 4pm

Sunday 25 December (Christmas Day), all closed

Monday 26 December (Boxing Day) car boot closed

Tuesday 27 December (Bank Holiday substitute), all closed

Wednesday 28 December to Friday 30 December, markets open as normal (limited outdoor stalls)

Saturday 31 December (New Years Eve) (limited stalls)

  • Tommyfield Indoor Market, 9am–4pm
  • Tommyfield Outdoor Market, 9am–4pm
  • Town Centre Street Market, 9am–4pm

Sunday 1 January (New Year’s Day), all closed

Monday 2 January (Bank Holiday substitute), all closed

Tuesday 3 January, open as usual