Outdoor markets open across Oldham


Outdoor markets are now open across Oldham, Shaw and Royton.

This follows the recent opening of Tommyfields Indoor Market Hall.. Extra social distancing measures have been required to combat the proximity of other shops who have implemented similar controlled access to their premises after Oldham’s market sites underwent detailed health and safety assessments. It is more important than ever before for shoppers to shop local as Oldham joins a national effort to help small businesses recover from the nationwide lockdown.  Oldham’s outdoor markets boast a range of different offers to visitors throughout the week. From traditional fresh fish, fruit and veg and bakery stalls across Royton and Shaw on a Thursday, to Caribbean cuisine and rug stalls on the Oldham Street Market, shoppers are well catered for.

You can also grab a bargain on Tommyfield’s Outdoor Wednesday Market, which sells both new and second hand goods.

And while many of Oldham’s outdoor markets will return over the next seven days, shoppers will have to wait a bit longer before they can visit Tommyfield’s Outdoor Saturday Market and Sunday Car Boot Sale. This is while we adjust to welcoming the return of large crowds to these sites, but nevertheless, we look forward to these markets being back in Oldham as soon as possible.

Here is a full breakdown of the details for each market’s reopening across Oldham:


Opening times


Tommyfield Indoor Market Hall


Monday to Saturday, 9am–5.15pm


Tommyfield Outdoor Wednesday Market


Wednesdays, 9am–4pm

Reopened 17 June

Royton Market


Thursdays, 9am–4pm

Reopened 18 June

Shaw Market


Thursdays, 9am–4pm

Reopened 18 June

Tommyfield Outdoor Friday Market


Fridays, 9am–4pm

Reopened 19 June

Oldham Street Friday Market

Fridays, 10am–5pm


Reopened 19 June

Oldham Street Saturday Market

Saturdays, 10am–5pm


Reopens 20 June

Tommyfield Outdoor Monday Market


Mondays, 9am–4pm

Reopens 22 June

Tommyfield Outdoor Saturday Market


Saturdays, 9am–4pm

Not re-opening yet

Tommyfield Sunday Car Boot

Sundays, 6am–12 noon