Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust introduces new electronic system

Dental services in Oldham will benefit from a new electronic system to improve the security and speed of storing patient records.
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust has introduced electronic signature technology as an alternative to paper forms.
Using eSignature, supplied by FormFast, means that patient signatures can be captured on a device or mobile tablet and then instantly transferred onto a secure electronic patient record.
Without the need for manually scanning, transferring or storing this information, patient data can be instantly captured, managed, stored and shared; to reduce the risk of manual error and increase the speed it can be made available.
Pennine Care provides dental services at the Integrated Care Centre in Oldham, and Nye Bevan House, the Phoenix Centre and Whitehall Street Clinic across HMR.
Richard Valle-Jones, Clinical Director of the Dental Directorate with Pennine Care, said: “The new system will help us deliver a more consistent forms management process and bring a new level of efficiency to our service.
“It means that the most accurate, up-to-date patient information will always be readily available to use, to help deliver quality care efficiently.”
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