"What's next Sir", Oldham School Teachers inspirational journey


Oldham's very own "Bear Grylls" Deputy Head teacher at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary school, Steve Hill MBE, has written a book about his adventures.

Steve has traversed some of the worlds highest mountains as well as running marathons in the arctic and desserts and has also trudged through the jungles of Borneo and made it to the North Pole, in the process raising over £200,000 for Charity over a 13 year period.


He has won many accolades including being awarded the MBE by the Queen in 2015, winning a National Teacher of the year award, being named inspirational Teacher of the Year award Happiest School teacher and has been made an ambassador of The Duke of Edingburgh Award scheme giving out awards at

Buckingham Palace and St.James Palace.


It was whilst handing out the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards that the idea for the book and title came about. Some one asked him "What's next Sir" and  suggested he should write a book. "What's next Sir" became the title of the book, an amazing inspirational and motivational guide to lifes lessons!