Cuddle Cot donation helps bereaved parents in Oldham

Thanks to a charity donation to the Oldham Children’s Community Nursing Team parents of babies who are stillborn or die at a young age could have more more time to spend with their children, thanks to a charity donation to the Oldham Children’s Community Nursing Team.
Cuddle cotA Cuddle Cot  is a piece of equipment designed to fit to a moses basket and keep babies cool to allow them to stay with their parents for up to 72 hours after death, it was donated to the children’s community nurses by a family who have experienced their own loss.
This is the creation of Naomi and Chris Cook, from Middlesbrough  decided to raise money to help families after their son Isaac died just a few hours after being born in 2012. During the difficult period following Isaac’s death, the family was given a memory box, donated to hospitals across the country by charity 4Louis.
Naomi explained: “The memory box allowed us to take photos, collect a lock of Isaac’s hair and his hand and foot prints. It made something so hard just that little bit easier to deal with. That’s why we wanted to do something for other families who were going through the same thing and leave a legacy for Isaac.”
Naomi, Chris and their friends and family have been raising money for 4Louis, a charity that aims to support families who have experienced a stillbirth or neonatal death by helping them to capture lasting precious memories of their baby.
The family raised enough money for 4Louis to purchase a Cuddle Cot in memory of Isaac. 4Louis distribute the Cuddle Cots across the country to health trusts and organisations on their waiting list.
Oldham Children’s Community Nursing Team, Teresa Carey explained  “Our team currently looks after around 150 children and babies with complex health needs, some of whom sadly have life limiting illnesses and will die at a very young age. We also work with the local hospitals to allow families to bring babies who are unwell home for the last moments of their life.
“ The Cuddle Cot, we will give those families going through the most difficult of experiences some comfort by allowing them extra time at home with their babies after their death to capture lasting precious memories.”
To find out more about 4Louis, visit or the Children’s Nursing Team at