Oldham recycling rate up 10%


Local residents have driven up Oldham’s household recycling rate to 46.5%, up 10%, the fourth highest improvement in the country.

The Borough is aiming to become the greenest in Greater Manchester. Recycling rates decreased during the pandemic due to more people being at home and changes to collections for safety reasons,

but the rate of recycling has shot up since the end of covid.

Under new plans  Every home in England will receive easier and more consistent recycling collections, under new plans to boost recycling and protect the environment, reach our target of eliminating all avoidable waste by 2050.

Nationally, plans are being considered to include the introduction of statutory guidance on new minimum service standards for rubbish and recycling collections, subject to an assessment of affordability and value for money. This could recommend a minimum service standard of residual waste at least once a fortnight alongside the weekly collection of organic waste. Councils would continue to be supported to collect more frequently than the minimum standard, which is especially important in urban areas, with less space to place bins and homes that have small or no gardens.