Plans to relocate Saddleworth School stopped in tracks

A  £19m plan to relocate Saddleworth School from Uppermill to Diggle has been stopped in it's tracks.
Local resident, retired television producer, Keith Lucas took the case to the High court court on behalf of the Save Diggle Action Group. At the High Court Mr Justice Kerr ruled the council’s decision unlawful.
Mr Lucas argued that the school’s relocation would have meant demolishing a listed bridge in Diggle and have a detrimental effect on a listed office building.
 Judge Kerr told members of the Council’s planning committee the potential harm to heritage assets had not been considered.
The Council now accept that although rebuilding the school in Uppermill would cost more than £20 million, exceeding a £19,259,834 maximum budget it would still be  viable and affordable and that moving the school to a disused industrial site in Diggle would have a detrimental effect on local heritage sites.