Fine Comb Theatre presents Matchsticks

“One tree makes a million matchsticks. That's what I like, knowing I could use a million and have basically no affect on the outside."
​In prison, where choice is restricted and control is enforced, change seems impossible. When Dani gets sent to prison counselling for anger issues she's reluctant to communicate with her counsellor, Heather. Heather introduces Dani to matchstick modelling. What happens when two differing women find common ground in the unlikeliest of circumstances? Matchsticks, inspired by a true story, forces us to consider the value of art and the impact of incarceration.
Start Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £8
Fine Comb Theatre is a North West based theatre company creating theatre inspired by fact, infused with fiction, and ingrained with fine-comb attention to detail. Since 2013, they have established a reputation for creating stylised productions around delicate subject matter