Community Solar Panel scheme looks for investment

Community Benefit Society Oldham Community Power Community Benefit Society is looking for investors to raise £348,000 through a share offer to install community-owned renewable energy on schools and community centres.
Oldham Community Power have linked up with Renewable Energy 4 Business to facilitate the installation 2,000 solar photovoltaic panels and it is hoped that this will involve up to twnty five buildings in the area.
It is hoped that over Twenty-five buildings will be suitable for the  installation of photovoltaic panels
Chris Acton of Renewable Energy 4 Business described it as a great way for local people to get involved with reducing the carbon footprint aswell as getting a return on their investment.
The Director of Oldham Community Power Bill Edwards said it would allow local investors to receive a return on their ethical investment; and all the  profits will be used to pay back members and will be recycled into a a community benefit pot to support other local community groups.”
Shares available from £100. Contact Sharenergy on 01743 277119 for further details